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How to save some time at San Diego Comic Con 2022!!!

The mother of all cons is back with their first full event since 2019! We made our way down from Los Angeles around noon and after dropping our luggage off at the AirBNB made our way to the convention center.

For those of you making it down this weekend, you must provide a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination before you can enter the convention center. You will receive an orange wrist band that must be worn for your duration at the convention or you will have to show proof again.

There are several locations to check near the Con as well Hotel Circle inside of the Town and Country resort. At this point I would suggest stopping there in order to save time, as the lines are currently ridiculous near the convention center. Once you get that wrist band, you are good to go!

Hope this helps someone before they head down! Tune in to tomorrow to learn how to get vouchers for Tamashii Nations exclusives!

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